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Karen Neugebauer

Forte Chocolates
Master Chocolatier
Seattle, WA
Master Chocolatier, Karen Neugebauer is a true Artisan who is at the forefront of the Seattle artisan chocolate scene. She has continually wowed customers with both traditional pieces and her cutting-edge confections and chocolate bars. Her passion for the craft and cunningly balanced flavor profiles have led to being ranked among the world’s best chocolatiers. Karen currently makes 3 distinct brands: Forte Chocolates (traditional chocolates), Gusto Chocolates (savory chocolate bars), and her newest line, Volta Craft Chocolate (craft chocolate bar blends). Chef Karen has won numerous national and international awards, most notably Gold (2013) and Silver (2011), from the Academy of Chocolate in London, UK. Nationally, she has earned more than 50 Golds and Silvers in four short years (2009-2012), including Taste TV’s Masters Award (2012) and the Six-star rating from the International Chocolate Salons (2013), their highest possible rating in the United States. Chef Karen’s chocolates are carried throughout the Pacific Northwest, available online, and available at her showroom in Mt. Vernon. Please visit us at www.ForteChocolates.com